My River Guides is a free tool that presents an easy way to reach out for support in your own personal network. It is based on solution focused principles. A tool made for anyone who wants to (pro-)actively create a more satisfying  and effective inter-dependency.

Have you ever experienced life being so overwhelming that you are barely able to reach out for help? You’re doing all you can to survive. No hands left to reach out, no breath left to call out to anyone.

Or you’ve already grown too strong. You don’t need to reach out for support because you will deal with anything yourself. It was just a matter of training. Life’s hard. But at times, this can be rather isolating and exhausting.

Wouldn’t it be great to have people alongside of you? People who know you, who see you and are willing to support you when needed? When the signs show.

If you are eager to get more grip on your (current) situation and involve people around you in the process, the tool offered here might be for you!

The River of Life

“Life is like a river. And you are on a vessel, moving with the flow.”

A clear image, that you may find recognizable. Try googling it. You will soon find out it is quite an amazing metaphor used by many singers, writers, coaches, politicians, philosophers. An image used in many different ways. By people of all cultures and all times. A universal way of looking at life. Trying to make sense of what was, what is and what will come.

But what’s the use of this metaphor for me and you now? Today, in our everyday lives.
If it’s such a true metaphor, then does it have any practical use?

We believe it’s very useful. That’s why we offer this tool, free, for anyone to use and benefit from.

Your Support Network

We are all the same. We all need each other. Yet, we are all different. And we all have our personal experience of life. During your life, you find out all about your own manual, your ‘operating instructions’.

You are connected to many people. Some closer to you than others. The closer a person is to you, the more (s)he is likely and able to support you. But, the closer a person is to you, the more it hurts when a conflict or injury happens. It might even hurt when (s)he is not able to support you in the way you really need. And it’s not always obvious when and what support you need. How could it be? Sometimes you don’t even know for yourself!

With this tool, we want to stimulate you to become a more conscious ‘independent depender’. To be strong, proud and pro active, and at the same time, to know when (and how and who) to ask for support. To share stuff out of your own manual. From our perspective, this is one of the main challenges in life.

The Tool

We are convinced there’s people alongside you already. Maybe they are very helpful to you at all times. And mutual. In that case, you are very lucky indeed!
In general though, most people are willing to be there for each other, but not always able.

At times you need a good conversation. Sometimes that good conversation doesn’t happen. Sometimes the ‘good’ conversation that does happen, isn’t very helpful to you.
My River Guides is a tool that is meant to support you in making that good conversation happen..ánd making it really helpful.

The tool is a 12-page .pdf digital document send to you through email. It contains, among other pages: an introduction, how to use, guide page, river and vessel characteristics and tips.

Get the tool to see if this works for you too!


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