“Life challenges you to learn your lessons”

Some lessons are easy, some are hard. You learn as you go. At times you may choose not to want to learn the lesson. But the lesson will present itself anyway.

This thought sparked the idea behind the tool you have before you.

The river metaphor presented itself to us, when my partner (Laura) wrote me (Jesse) a letter. We were experiencing rough times together. On this letter she drew a tortuous line, representing the ups and downs throughout recent months. I read this letter while crossing the river near our home. Consequently, all I could make of this line was an adventurous river. Finding out this metaphor is applicable on most aspects of my life. Our life. Anyone’s life.

This tool is made by Laura & Jesse Verboom. We are living with our 3 kids near a river in Southern Spain, Andalusia. We are coaching families, couples and individuals while exploring coaching methods and learning about systems therapy, solution- & emotion focused therapy and Aware Parenting, among other things.

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