“Life is like a river. And you are on a vessel, moving with the flow.”

This river metaphor of life seems to be universal and infinitely applicable on many if not all aspects of life. The tool presented on this website is created to help you use this metaphor to your advantage. It is simple and practical.

A tool that will help you activate your personal support network in a safe and effective way. Family, friends, acquaintances… Anyone you think might help you further could be invited to contribute to the process.
The river metaphor creates a common language. It makes it easier to talk about your situation without having to get all detailed. It guides you in the process of carefully choosing what ‘companions’ to invite, how to define your situation and how to brainstorm for solutions together.

It is not another self-help tool but a tool to help yourself reach out for necessary support from trusted and inspiring people around you.

Shortly, you will be able to request the FREE tool based on the river metaphor.
To stay informed, send an email to jesse@myriverguides.com