Your Support Network

We are all the same. We all need each other. Yet, we are all different. And we all have our personal experience of life. During your life, you find out all about your own manual, your ‘operating instructions’.

You are connected to many people. Some closer to you than others. The closer a person is to you, the more (s)he is likely and able to support you. But, the closer a person is to you, the more it hurts when a conflict or injury happens. It might even hurt when (s)he is not able to support you in the way you really need. And it’s not always obvious when and what support you need. How could it be? Sometimes you don’t even know for yourself!

With this tool, we want to stimulate you to become a more conscious ‘independent depender’. To be strong, proud and pro active, and at the same time, to know when (and how and who) to ask for support. To share stuff out of your own manual. From our perspective, this is one of the main challenges in life.